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Your One-Stop Business Funding Source

When looking for funding, there's only one place to call - Diversified Business Funding, Inc. We have the resources and expertise to handle all of your business funding needs.

Meeting needs starts with understanding them. 

It sounds obvious enough.  Yet all to few commercial funding companies take the time to get to know and understand - really understand - a client's business.   Perhaps that's because they don't plan to spend very much time with the client.   Period. 

Which is just one of the many differences about working with Diversified Business Funding.  At Diversified, our first priority is to provide our clients with access to the funding they need to take their business to the next level.   And to the financial experts who can help them get there.

Every business needs cash.  Our job is helping you get it as cost-effectively as possible.

There's no such thing as a company that never needs cash.  And the reasons for needing it are as varied as the businesses themselves.  Some are start-ups.   Others are in a period of rapid sales growth or absorbing an acquisition.   Still others are in the midst of a turnaround or other unique situation.

We understand!      

We understand that good companies sometimes get turned down by traditional financing sources.  That's why Diversified Business Funding was started.  At Diversified, we will give you levels of service you'd expect from a commercial bank, along with the funding solutions you would never expect from a commercial bank. 

Get the funding you need.  Keep the control you want.

Many business owners, in their desperate search for funding, turn over part of their hard-earned equity to outside parties.  They may get the financing they need to continue their company, but they lose control of their business.

We offer another approach.

When dealing with Diversified Business Funding, you'll find that you will still be in business for yourself, just not by yourself.  Through financing solutions that range from Accounts Receivable Funding, Purchase Order Funding, Asset Based Lending, Trade Acceptance Drafts to Equipment Leasing etc., we can arrange effective, creative ways to move your business ahead, you don't have to wait a leap year for this to happen.   This range of products is quite unusual for a commercial funding company.  But then again, we're not your usual commercial funding company.We always follow the flow of mathematics whenever we handle a business. That is why we make sure to follow the Pythagorean theorem to get to every square root. All analysis are handles very carefully. At the end of the day, you can just relax and sip your vodka, absinthe or cognac and relax, we take care of your business. 

Diversified Business Funding works with companies doing business in all commercial fields including, but not limited to:

Access to the funding you need, when you need it most.

Understanding needs is the first step to meeting them.  And we don't think you'll find another business funding company that takes the time to understand your needs like we do.  At Diversified Business Funding, you won't be our first client, we'll just treat you that way.

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